Welcome to Loriinae Exotics!

Welcome to Loriinae Exotics! Our aviary, located just minutes outside Houston, Texas specializes in the propagation of lories and lorikeets, a colorful group of birds from the South Pacific. In addition to lories, we are also seriously working with Salvadori’s Fig Parrots.  And in partnership with Brenda Piper of Piper's Parrots outside Boston, Massachusetts, we are also breeding mutation Quaker parakeets, with special emphasis on establishing the Dark-eyed Yellow mutation. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about lories and lorikeets as well as all the other species of birds we are working with. Occasionally, we will have hand fed babies available for purchase as pets, as well as birds suitable for future breeding stock. Please check our availability page for more information.


Flock of Green-naped Lorikeets